Miami Immortals

3 - 5
Florida football is fast, in-your-face, show-off football. No one embodies the show-off style of football more than Miami Immortals. You can't miss them. From their bright pink jersey to their elaborate celebrations, Miami immortals will make their presence known. But there's more to this team than just bright jerseys and trash talk. This team has two top 2025 WRs in Jaden Nickens and Cortez Mills Jr. They’re taking their talents all the way from Miami to Austin and Orlando.


Adonys BodreCB--0000
Hector ChavezLB5' 10"2150000
Faheem Delane---0000
Zaire FisherATH--0000
Bryce FitzgeraldATH6' 1"1750000
Elijah HentonWR5' 9"1450000
Keyveon JohnsonWR6' 3"1800000
Jameel JonesWR--0000
Sebastien-Olivier LacreteCB5' 9"1650000
Willis McGahee IVLB6' 1"2250000
Andres MiyaresQB6' 2"1800000
Sir RobertgeauCB6' 1"1800000
Amare Sanders CB6' 1"1620000
Cameron SappWR5' 9"1450000
La'Varis StanfordCB6' 2"1700000
Jancent WallaceATH5' 11"1600000


Sat Mar 25 12:00 PM CDT | Austin, TX
1:00 PM CDT
3:30 PM CDT
Sun Mar 26 11:35 AM CDT | Austin, TX
Sat Apr 15 12:00 PM EDT | Orlando, FL
1:00 PM EDT
1:30 PM EDT
Sun Apr 16 10:40 AM EDT | Orlando, FL