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A team hand-picked by Tyreek Hill and internet sensation AJ Greene, not to be confused with the former NFL WR, is a team destined for greatness. But don’t be fooled, this team isn’t just for show. Top to bottom it’s filled with 4 & 5-star recruits. Led by some of the most watched football content creators, they understand the balance between personality and skill; between entertainment and focus. In their inaugural season, they built a team around a strong 2025 WR class in Ryan Williams and Marcus Harris by keeping the chemistry with their respective high school Quarterbacks (KJ Lacey & Elijah Brown). Additional top ranked players like Landen Thomas, Ny Carr, Winston Watkins, Aaron Butler, and others will allow them to get extremely creative on offense. The team name is a salute to our co-owner and Miami Dolphins star WR, Tyreek Hill, known for throwing up his signature peace sign. They’ll be making their second ever 7v7 tournament appearance in Phoenix, then we can catch them a few months later in Baltimore.


Josiah AbdullahWR5' 11"1700000
Rylon AllenATH6' 0"1650000
Breon BallardATH--0000
Kyan Berry-JohnsonWR5' 10"1620000
Jy'Won BoydWR5' 11"1800000
Elijah BrownQB6' 2"1800000
Ajon BryantWR5' 6"1600000
Justin DensonATH6' 2"1850000
CD GillWR5' 5"1500000
Marcus HarrisWR6' 1"1750000
CJ HeardS6' 0"2000000
Dajon HintonATH--0000
KJ LaceyQB5' 11"1650000
TJ MooreWR6' 3"1900000
Raemon MosbyATH6' 0"1750000
Kerry WilliamsATH5' 10"1650000
Adrian WilsonWR6' 2"1760000
Kenny WorthyATH6' 0"1780000